FiveFish Audio - Mic Preamp Kits, Lunchbox 500 Series Modules Preamps, Equalizers, and DIY Kits

FiveFish Audio makes high quality, professional mic preamps, equalizers and other audio-related products for the audio recording professional.

500 Series Lunchbox Modules - Ready-Made

All our 500 series modules are sold pre-assembled, plug-and-play, and ready-to-use. An API 500 Series Lunchbox or compatible is required.

DOA-12 Discrete OpAmp

The DOA-12 is a high-performance, discrete operational amplifier well suited for demanding audio applications due to it’s low noise, high slew rate, high gain capability, high output capability, and operation over a wide range of power supply voltages. Only $55/each

Janus Active DI/Shift EQ

The Janus DI/EQ is a multifunction unit (think of it as an "Audio Swiss Knife"), capable of working either as a Lean/Shift EQ, Electric/bass/keyboard Active DI Input, Guitar Re-Amplifier, or as a Signal-Splitter. Low-noise, Low-distortion design so it doesn't get in the way. And yet, if you want tone, just dial the knob and you got it. This unit is also equipped with an Output Transformer for the re-amplifier/alternate output jack. So yeah... it's got mojo too! CLOSEOUT SALE $295/each

SC-501 Mic Preamp

The SC-501 Mic Preamp is a clean, "fast", clear, low-noise, high-gain preamp. It's sound is very transparent, offering a flat response, smooth highs and well-defined mids. You also have the option of installing a Jensen Input Transformer and custom output transformer to give the low-end a little more weight. But even without the trafos, the SC-501 is a great, high-quality preamp that delivers great sound and value. Only $385 each

PEQ-503 EQ - Program Equalizer

This EQ lets you sculpt and mold your sound., either subtly or aggressively. The 3-band Equalizer covers the whole audio-spectrum, giving it a +/- 18dB boost or cut. Using real inductors, and not "simulation inductors". this EQ delivers on sound quality. Carnhill Inductors are used along with a high-performance audio amplifier to deliver great sound, without any harshness. Make your music and tracks come alive and 3-dimensional with the PEQ-503 Program Equalizer. Only $425 each

X-12mk500 Mic Preamp

The X12 Mic Preamp captures that 70's aggressive, in-your-face rock sound, sometimes known as the "L.A. Sound". It's our take on a classic piece of Mic preamp. The Cinemag Input and Output transformers gives this preamp a lot of aggressive, mid-forward flavor. The X12 has a little of that signature grainy upper mids with a more focused bottom end as one user puts it. GREAT DEAL at $425 each

X-72mk500 Mic Preamp

The X72 sound is BIG, PUNCHY, and HUGE. It adds a deep, nice, WARM coloration to the overall sound. Reminds you of British-designed and made classic consoles. Really deep-sounding, huge and smooth. The low frequencies come out punchy and TIGHT. Imported Carnhill/UK Input & Output Transformers are used to interface with the outside world. A Steal at $495/each

MX5-mk500 Mic Preamp

The MX5 is a "hybrid" preamp with some of the qualities of the X12 and X72 Mic Preamp combined. The MX5 Mic Preamp features the same UK-made Carnhill Input Transformer to deliver big, punchy sound. A custom USA-made Output Transformer takes care of balancing the beefy outputs, and also adding it's own sonic signature. CLOSEOUT SALE $395



FiveFish Audio is part of the API VPR Alliance.








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