Part 4: Amplifying mic level input signal

On our last blog, we talked about distortion and harmonics. and how this enriches 2nd harmonics in our signals. Here’s a nice animation showing how the 2nd harmonics get stronger the more we push our preamp harder, and note how we’re getting soft, assymetrical clipping…. thanks to our

Part 3: Distortion & Harmonics. Solid-State vs. Vacuum Tubes

On my last blog post (, I added a buffer to the output of our vacuum tube stage. This additional buffer stage lowered the output impedance, while presenting a very high input impedance to our vacuum tube stage. This will allow us to couple to the next stage

Gold-plated Fingers

Gold-plated fingers on your 500 series FiveFish preamps, to go with your bling! I used gold-plating in connectors like these PCB pad fingers not just for show but because gold-coated contacts are highly reliable, and corrosion resistant. These contacts should last for many decades and look just as good from